What We Do

Training courses

We support healthcare training, in particular the ETAT programme. ETAT (Emergency Triage, Assessment and Treatment) is a training course developed by the World Health Organisation, designed to provide knowledge and skills in the emergency management of sick children.

In 2008 we helped run a major ‘training of trainers’ programme to build local capacity.

ETAT Report 2008 pdf

Since 2010, we have been working with our partners Malawi College of Health Sciences to develop ETAT training of student nurses, clinical officers and medical assistants. In 2014, with funding from the Scottish Government, our IMPACT project helped develop a new partnership with Malamulo College of Health Sciences. Together, we helped train over 1000 students in paediatric emergency care in just three years.

Impact Project Report 2017 pdf

Our IMPACT project was a winner of the global FAIMER "Projects that work" Award 2019.

In 2019, we were awarded further Scottish Government funding to expand ETAT training to nursing students at 4 training institutions. We aim to train 900 student nurses in the next 3 years.

Essential medical supplies

We are happy to consider requests from hospitals in Malawi to fund essential medical equipment not available locally. We ensure that any donated goods are valued and needed locally.

Supporting other organisations

We support other organisations who share our aim to improve children's health in Malawi. We have supported fundraising appeals for Friends of Sick Children, Chira Fund, Joyful Motherhood, Operation Baby Hernia, and for children with neurodisabilities. We are happy to discuss new partnerships.

Accounts and annual reports

We are committed to accountability and transparency. Our annual accounts and OSCR reports can be downloaded here.

Children's Medical Care Malawi 2016-17 accounts pdf

Children's Medical Care Malawi 2016-17 OSCR report pdf

Children's Medical Care Malawi 2017-18 accounts pdf

Children's Medical Care Malawi 2017-18 OSCR report pdf

Children's Medical Care Malawi 2018-19 accounts pdf

Children's Medical Care Malawi 2018-19 OSCR report pdf